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About Us

EnvTech Tank Services (ETS) is comprised of engineers, technicians and operators experienced in the field of tank cleaning and sludge processing. We are dedicated to providing the most efficient, environmentally conscientious and cost effective solution to any sludge processing or vessel cleaning problem.


ETS has developed state of the art, mobile suldge processing units capable of handling a wide variety of material compositions in a wide variety of operating environments. The ETS system is capable of providing a wide variety of services ranging from sludge extraction and processing to fin fan cleaning.


The ETS system is comprised of two major components, the GM3

(gravitational module) and the CM3

(three phase centrifugal module) that are both designed to operate independently or in concert with one another depending on requirements of the job at hand.

About EnvTech Tank Services

EnvTech Tank Services, LLC (ETS) was established in 2011 to provide automated storage tank cleaning services to the Petroleum, Chemical, Storage Terminals and Maritime industry thoughout the United States. 

After intensive market research we have designed and constructed a truly state of the art, dual phase, Automated Tank Cleaning and Sludge Processing System.

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