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Sludge Cleaning

The ETS process takes advantage of the modular and versatile characteristics of the CM3 and GM3 to quickly, effectively and safely clean and process sludge from any storage reservoir.


Process Setup


The ETS system is entirely mobile. The CM3 and GM3 are transported and positioned via tractor with the entire setup procedure lasting less than one day


Sludge Extraction


ETS has a variety of sludge extraction utilities ranging from a manned hydraulic sludge removal vehicle (SRV) to an unmanned jetting system. ETS is capable of perfoming minimal entry cleaning jobs when necessary.


Sludge Processing


The ETS tank cleaning system is a primarily mechanical sludge extraction and separation process. The two main units of the ETS system, the CM3 and GM3, are capable of gravitational and centrifugal sludge separation and are mobile, self-contained and can provide hydraulic power to any necessary auxiliary sludge extraction equipment.

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