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GM3: Gravitational Module

The GM3 is the second main tank cleaning unit of the ETS system. Fully automated, mobile and self-contained, the GM3 is a highly modular suldge processing machine. The GM3 first uses a vibrational solids separator (Shaker) to remove any large solids from the sludge. Depending on the position of the Shaker it can be configured as an API oil-water separator or as a sludge heating and preparation unit for centrifugal separation by the CM3.
In the first configuration the GM3 uses both of its connected internal tanks as an API separator, collecting oil from the surface via a brush skimmer and removing settled solids with a drag chain and exit auger. The settled sediment can also be sent through an inline filter to the CM3 for centrifugal separation, if desired, to maximize oil recovery.
In the second configuration, the GM3 prepares the sludge for the CM3 by heating it through either (or both) on board heat exchangers and recirculating it back to the front tank where it is agitated by a hydraulically driven four-blade mixer. From here, the homogenous sludge solution can be pumped to the CM3 where it is separated into water, solids and an oil phase solution
Depending on the configuration, either tank and heat exchanger of the GM3 can be used to heat and recirculate water or cutter that can be pumped to the Sludge Extraction Vehicle (SRV) or any other sludge extraction auiliary equipment. The Mixer in the front tank can aid in blending any emuslifying agents that will be used in sludge extraction and processing.
Like the CM3, the diesel powered GM3 is capable of providing hydraulic power to any auxiliary sludge extraction equipment through 4 hydraulic circuits.
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