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ETS  Technology

CM3: Centrifugal Module

The CM3 is an industrial tank cleaning and sludge processing unit. This fully automated and self-contained machine uses a tri-phase centrifuge to separate sludge into water, solid waste and reusable oil. Step free adjustment of the centrifuge bowl/scroll differential allows the CM3 to process a wide variety of sludge compositions in a almost any operational environment.



GM3: Gravitational Module
Auxiliary Equipment

The GM3, the counterpart of the CM3, is an industrial tank cleaning unit that utilizes a gravitational separation method to process sludge. A highly modular machine, the GM3 can arranged into numerous configurations to optimize tank cleaning and sludge processing

ETS has designed and developed a streamlined sludge processing system that can power and utlize a number of auxiliary components to assist in sludge extraction, separation and oil recovery.

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