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Who We Are

EnvTech Tank Services is comprised of engineers, technicians, operators and mechanics with a cumulative 50 years of experience in the field of oil storage tank cleaning and tank cleaning equipment design. The constituents of EnvTech Tank Services combined have successfully and safely cleaned an estimated 200 oil storage receptacles ranging from oil rail cars to oil field storage tanks. Drawing from field experience, EnvTech Tank Services has designed and constructed industrial tank cleaning machines, improving upon past iterations of proven tank cleaning technology.

What We Value

EnvTech Tank Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to not only the customer but also the environment. The ETS system is designed around recovering and reusing the resources extracted from the vessels we clean. Only requiring an inital fill of water, the ETS system is capable of continuously operating by reusing recovered water for further sludge extraction. Additionally, the oil recovered by the ETS system provides cash value to the customer as well as reduces harmful waste to the environment.
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