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CM3: Centrifugal Module

The CM3 is a mobile, automated and self contained industrial sludge processing machine. The diesel powered unit can provide all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power necessary for operation. Additionally, the CM3 has 4 auxiliary hydraulic circuits capable of providing hydraulic power to any necessary sludge extraction equipment.
The CM3 is designed to be operated both manually and autonomously. From the control panel the operator can monitor and adjust every operating parameter of the CM3 with a graphical touch screen interface.  
It uses a high volume tri-phase centrifuge to separate sludge into water, oil phase and solid waste. Equipped with an inline mass flowmeter, the centrifuge can autmatically adjust the bowl/scroll differential to optimize sludge separation.
The water recovered from the centrifugal sludge processing is stored in the CM3's internal 1271 gal tank where it can be reused in the sludge extraction process or pumped to another storage vessel.
The CM3 is capable of extracting 90% of the oil present in the sludge tank which is returned to the customer upon recovery.
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